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Academy of Cosmoenergy Healing

It is encouraging to see an increasing number of people around the world working on their spiritual development. Natalie Cooke at the Academy of CosmoEnergy teaches how to attract high vibrations and radiate light energy around oneself.

Unlike our ancestors, we are witnessing amazing spiritual processes at this moment.

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History of CosmoEnergy Method

There is no doubt that CosmoEnergy Healing takes its roots from Tibet and India, which are traditionally considered the “gates” to other worlds and civilizations. About 400 years ago, what we call CosmoEnergy frequencies were first given to yogis by representatives of an extraterrestrial civilizations, which the yogis and the locals of Tibet and India have named Shambhala.

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The program is based on the classical teachings of the founder of Cosmoenergy (Kosmoenergetika) V. A. Petrov. The academy uses effective and rapid techniques.

Man’s inner world is unique and we cannot destroy something that is given by God. Instead, to reveal and give energy to all the beautiful things in us is the main task of the person’s training.

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