Academy of Cosmoenergy Healing

It is encouraging to see an increasing number of people around the world working on their spiritual development. Natalie Cooke at the Academy of CosmoEnergy teaches how to attract high vibrations and radiate light energy around oneself.

Unlike our ancestors, we are witnessing amazing spiritual processes at this moment.

Because CosmoEnergy is quite simple for understanding this system can be mastered by anyone who has decided on their spiritual growth and self-improvement.

This site is designed to learn, study and for healing using modern techniques of CosmoEnergy. Our academy will help you to acquire necessary skills and to master all levels. Private lessons and sessions are available.

Here you can get necessary consultations, be trained for effective practices for distant work, learn something new from the world of energy and take group trips for workshops.

The academy was created to understand new energies and knowledge and to use magic as management skills.