History of CosmoEnergy Method

There is no doubt that CosmoEnergy Healing takes its roots from Tibet and India, which are traditionally considered the “gates” to other worlds and civilizations. About 400 years ago, what we call CosmoEnergy frequencies were first given to yogis by representatives of an extraterrestrial civilizations, which the yogis and the locals of Tibet and India have named Shambhala.

Rumors that there are people in India and Tibet that have very unusual methods of creating what we would call miracles and which cannot be explained by science have spread far beyond the borders off India and Tibet themselves. Which is why it is no coincidence that there has been a great interest shown towards these two countries for several centuries, first and foremost by England. Later, in the 19th and 20th centuries Germany and Russia also took a great interest in Tibet and India.
 After the Russian Revolution, the young Soviet State Republic created a laboratory which was called Laboratory for the Study of Ancient Knowledge. The goals set before this lab was the search, mastering and application of the most effective existing spiritual practices for the benefit of the country. Special attention was paid to India and Tibet.

Understanding the importance of the knowledge, SSSR’s KGB organized a similar, top-secret laboratory of their own.
 Despite CosmoEnergy being a method which relies on the powers of the spiritual world, it is in many ways in agreement with the laws and concepts of modern-day physics. There is documentation from the top-secret lab that a method was created based on the knowledge and technique brought over from Tibet, India and places all over the world, which we now know as CosmoEnergy Healing.

The Roerich family played an important part in the development of this method. During the years of the Russian Revolution, Nikolas Roerich emigrated with his family to the USA. In 1926, when he came back from the US to Moscow, Nikolas Roerich conducted a series of intense negotiations with the Bolshevik leaders in order to gain their support for his grandiose plan of building a “country of the future”. He wanted to realize this plan with universal scientific knowledge from Shambhala.
 When the Roerich family went to Tibet, Nikolas Roerich really was invited to Shambhala, where it was agreed that certain knowledge would be granted to him. For a very long time, Nikolas held meetings with a representative of Shambhala in his house, in the form of people dressed in Buddhist robes, who passed on methods, techniques and knowledge, which later came to be known as CosmoEnergy. 
Afterwards, Nikolas Roerich passed all of his knowledge on to his wife and children. Years later, one of his sons – Yuri, returned to the Soviet Union and gave the secret service all of the knowledge and techniques his father had passed to him. When SSSR became Russian Federation, 15 republics fell apart and top-secret information became public.

The CosmoEnergy Method is not the invention of humans. CosmoEnergy is a method which was given to humanity by a higher civilization.
It is well known that with the help of religious praying it is possible to heal. Anyway, not everyone is able to make use of this power because of certain rules to be fulfilled (praying, fasting, etc..).
 Cosmic Energy frequencies  are not created by ignorant people and do not have any rules except one condition – to become initiated into a frequency (for practitioners). And at the end, it does not matter where it came from. The method was tested by people, brought miracles to thousands and will continue to help humanity in a highest way possible.

Today’s medicine is at a very important stage in its treating methods. But traditional medicine is still, unfortunately, based on the old, Newtonian scientific paradigm. Inevitably, we need to develop treatment methods based on the new principles of a new scientific paradigm, which is emerging in our day and age.
 Once, people thought Einstein was crazy – so radical did his theory seem to be. Today, people view CosmoEnergy in approximately the same way. This happens when a scientific theory comes ahead of its  time – physicists had needed almost 60 years to reason out Einstein’s discoveries in a calm, cool-headed manner. Today, everyone claims to “understand” Einstein, and considers him a genius. 
CosmoEnergy, in its own way, is ahead of its time. Thankfully, more supporters, including medical doctors, decline the use of medication and surgical procedures with dangerous side-effects in favor of more subtle methods of healing that are closer to nature. I personally know doctors and nurses who use it to speed up post-operative healing, minimize bleeding during surgeries, cleanse energy in patients’ rooms, etc..

CosmoEnergy can help people find answers to the eternal questions of life and death. When used correctly, CosmoEnergy method can return many people to health and spiritual peace, which would be a hefty contribution to the well-being of humanity on the entire planet for many centuries to come. The knowledge of Cosmic Energy Frequencies (Channels) has been around since ancient times, but were long kept in deep secrecy by a handful of “chosen” people. Now the time comes when this information is in demand.

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