About Natalie Cooke

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” – T. Edison

Natalie Cooke has been a progressor practitioner and teacher of CosmoEnergy for over 9 years and reiki practitioner. She is deeply committed to deliver and empower others in CosmoEnergy Healing after radically transforming herself and her path with this life-changing technique.

History of CosmoEnergy Healing Method

The greatest gift to mankind, one that has been available to us from ancient times, is the knowledge of healing of people, animals and plants by cosmic energy fields, known as COSMIC FIELDS of the UNIVERSE. These fields are made  up of constant, pure and invisible energy levels in a form of energy information.

Academy of CosmoEnergy

starcrafthealingThe program is based on the classical teachings of the founder of Cosmoenergy (Kosmoenergetika) V.A. Petrov and his students E. Bagirov and D. Voevodin (Russia). The school uses effective and rapid techniques for personal development, awareness of energy, which are picked, tested and safe for the healer and students.

What is CosmoEnergy?

Cosmoenergy (Kosmoenergetika) is a unique, very simple, publicly available energy technique for self-development, self-healing, self- perfection and to impact the world around us, a way to expand human potential.

Why Study CosmoEnergy Healing?

healing12 reasons why to choose to study CosmoEnergy Healing:

1. The amount of energy increases.
2. There is a recovery and healing of the body.
3. A powerful protective shell is formed.
4. You begin to develop super abilities, such as clairvoyance, superhigh-endurance and etc.
5. All destructive programs that interfere with your development go away.
6. You become an energy generator not only for yourself, but for others.