Aileen N.’s Testimony

Photo of Aileen N.


As a holisitc psychotherapist, I am always searching for innovative treatments to provide clients with more options for healing.I was also in search of a holistic treatment to alleviate and hopefully, eliminate my recent physical ailments which were diagnosed as fibromyalgia.  I was introduced to CosmoEnergy Healing and took an immediate interest. My first meeting with Natalie was confirmation that I was in the right place and in the right hands. Natalie is a very knowledgeable person and she took the time to answer all my questions with much patience. She has a very calming demeanor as well. Within my first few treatments I was already noticing a reduction in pain. I am now pain free and I am able to exercise again! THis feels like a miracle. That is what CosmoEnergy Healing has become to me.

I feel so confident about this healing approach and would love for the world to know about.
Natasha has been my healer and now my teacher. Whatever the issue you may have, go experience this at least once. There is a better you within, and this method will help you reach that in a blink of an eye.