Seminar: Synergy. Open Your Consciousness

16-18 June, 2016 Los Angeles CA USA

The main problem of the modern man is duality, fragmentation of consciousness, which is reflected in one’s realization.






Seminar: The Opening of the Spiritual Vision. Spiritual Healing.

12-14 June, 2015 Santa Clarita CA USA
16-23 June, 2015 Mt. Shasta CA USA

Opening of a spiritual vision is a very important and crucial stage of spiritual growth which students usually have under the guidance of their mentor in any tradition. This stage of spiritual growth is absolutely universal to all.




 Семинар Дмитрия Воеводина:

Духовное целительство.

Открытие духовного видения.

12-14 июня 2015 года, Santa Clarita, CA
16-23 июня 2015 года, Mt. Shasta CA USA

Открытие духовного видения – это очень важный и ответственный этап духовного роста.




Synergy: A blend of knowledge and spirituality.Seminar with Dmitrii Voevodin – School of Cosmoenergy Practitioners Unity

March 27th-29th, Santa Clarita, CA

This seminar is about energy practices and spiritual growth. This is Cosmoenergy founded by V. A. Petrov.





School Workshope

Синергетика. Синтез знаний и духовности человечества.

Март 27th-29th, Santa Clarita, CA

Семинар школы космоэнергетики «Единство»

Программа семинара включает в себя эффективные для нашего времени энергопрактики и школу духовного роста. Это космоэнергетика В.А.Петрова,







Meet the Year with Clear Vision, Love and Abundance

February 19th – 21st, workshop in Santa Clarita, CA

Abundance is your status in the energetic and material worlds that makes you blissful.To live in abundance (abun-dance) is to receive a joy and income as a result of your business and activities.







Free Sessions

Every day, at 9 am PST, Academy of CosmoEnergy invites you to free remote cleansing sessions. Objectives: – To increase awareness,







November 7th to 9th

Introduction to CosmoEnergy –  Blend of Knowledge and Spirituality, Contemporary Magic, in Santa Clarita, CA.

The seminar was an introduction of the CosmoEnergy transformational and healing method that originates   from Russia