Training includes 5 levels:
1. Elementary School of CosmoEnergy.
2. Buddhist (Healing) Block and Magic Level.
3. Master Level.
4. Magister Level.
5. Progressor Level.

1. Elementary School of Cosmoenergy

(Frequencies of the Buddhist Block)

At this initial stage, the essence of the work is explained. This is a guarantee that training will not be violated.

The first level is an elementary school of instruction, which includes the following frequencies:
Buddhist block: Farun Buddha, Firast, Shaon, Zeus.

Magic Block: The Golden Pyramid, Midi, Gektas, Anael.
Synthesis: The Pearl, The Tree.

Introduction into the first Matrix of Farun-Buddha. Protection, work of the practitioner, healing skills. Initial work and use for the next 1-2 months. Attunement can be performed by progressors of the school. Remote attunement is available.

 2. Buddhist Block and Magic Block

(Frequencies of the Magical Block)

Following the classical cosmic energy teachings, on the second level, all the frequencies of the Buddhist and Magic blocks are mastered. It is at the 1st and 2nd levels, that a powerful work of life happens, a change in life priorities, and the closures of karmic debts go on. The very word karma becomes irrelevant to the initiated. After the first two levels, the 3rd is the most serious level in cosmo-energy healing when becoming initiated into a Master.

Attunement, work and use of healing frequencies from the Buddhist and Magic Blocks. Attunement can be performed by progressors of the school. Remote attunement is available.

 3. Master Level 

(Frequencies of The 4th Block)

(Frequencies of Zoroastrianism)

At the third level, the Master’s biofield is being created.

Master’s biofield is built three days on the cosmosigns. This is a very serious work since the construction of the field itself brings an extraordinary level of vision of the external field, possession, and control of energies, training of high concentration of attention.

As a result of the correct work of the Progressor (the initiator), a high-frequency field of the master is formed, capable of withstanding almost any impact.

In the course of six months, the master can take two blocks of High hutta and a block of Synthesis, as in his work he can face the patient’s entities. This is where additional blocks will help, as in the arsenal of the master there are no tools for working with large entities.

The energies of natural Synthesis help to start the processes of activation of internal synthesis, which will sufficiently strengthen the field of the master and allow to make the work more directed.
The mastery of the synthesis will make it possible to carry out very powerful remote healing activity and attunement at any distance.

After receiving a master level, you can tune into the Fiery Egregor of Zoroastrianism, where you can work with 11 deities with the use of fire.

The system of Zoroastrianism is extremely effective both independently and in combination with any

CosmoEnergy techniques. The work is happening this way:
1. Begin to work with classical CosmoEnergy or of Cosmo-mage’s techniques.
2. In the end, the Zoroastrian ceremony is conducted, which together gives almost a one-hundred-percent effect of the completed task.

 4. Magister Level 

(Frequencies of Magister’s Block)

At the fourth level, students receive the frequencies of the Magister’s Block. The level of the Magister is actually the level of the planetary Magician. However, as practice shows, not everyone in this life can reach this level, and have reached, keep it.

Between the Master and the Magister, at least six months must pass. During this time, the Master must work as a healer, as this is a prerequisite to becoming a Magister.
When attuning to the Magister, it’s worth emphasizing that the magisterial field is also built within three days on cosmic signs.

During this time, the future Magister is given a cosmic name for his identification on a subtle plane. Building a magister’s field is a masterpiece in the field of subtle matter and unique in structure, protection, and ways of mutating.

This field contains the keys to all places of power and any natural phenomena, which makes the Magister a Planetary Magician.

The key is to be present at vortex place (sacred place) for initiation.
Fourth block and Zoroastrianism can be completed separately and remotely. This level gives you an opportunity to attune students up to the Master level.
Additional: – 4th Block
– Zoroastrianism

 5. Progressor Level

The last 5th level is the level of the Teacher Progressor. The magister can become a progressor with at least three years of experience, when he/she teaches, creates seminars and has new students. A candidate for the title of Progressor must be highly spiritual and be able to perform any healing and magical work, including exorcism. Initiation takes place at the sacred place by attunement of the applicant into the Magical matrix.

Between above levels, students are taught additional techniques. For example, the energies of the Classical Hutta. These frequencies are transmitted only for Magister level since only his energy matrix is able to receive such a volume of high-frequency energies.

Hutta’s energies are higher-order energies that do not have boundaries on the physical plane, which are opened with the help of complex three-dimensional color images and transform consciousness into indigo mode – direct perception of information.

This energy data can completely transform any space depending on the intention. In fact, the essence of Hutta energies is understood only by some people, since for this it is necessary to completely reconstruct the system of own knowledge and understand the principles of building the universe not by mind but consciousness.

After each initiation, frequencies must be practiced, which lasts an average of 2 weeks (info frequencies – about 2 months). After two weeks, the total energy of the student is measured and the quality of the frequencies is tested.