Patty L.’s Testimony

Patty L.


Natalie is the unexpected breath of fresh air that anyone can benefit from. I was recommended to Natalie by my rhuemetologist after being diagnosed with fibromygia and a plethora of other ailments.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I entered the door with an open mind and a commitment to follow through with the sessions.

Sessions include explanations of treatments, and guidance for what I’m going through. We talk a lot too. I’m very analytical and have a science background, so I want to understand everything that’s going on. Natalie gets that and is very patient. In order to explain complex ideas in simple terms, one must have a thorough understanding of the topic. Natasha demonstrates her expertise in word and action.

While there is physical healing involved, it seems more like a byproduct of the energy work. Instead of medicating the symptoms, Natalie gets to the root of problem through energy healing (detaching the negative energies and promoting the positive energies).

Clearly, I don’t understand it all yet. I’m still a noob! 🙂 Check out the website or Facebook for info.

I spent thousands of dollars and countless hours in the past few years with medications, the best specialists is SoCal, MRIs, and enough blood work to leave a constant needle prick in my arm. In the past couple months I’ve (slowly and carefully) stopped taking meds for asthma, thyroid, and allergies. My immunologist said I’m healthier than I’ve been in years! People around me are treating me differently (in a good way). My perspective is changing from the inside out in ways that I can’t yet find the words to describe.

In short, calling Natalie is the first step in an epic adventure of cleansing, healing, and love.