The program is based on the classical teachings of the founder of Cosmoenergy (Kosmoenergetika) V. A. Petrov. The academy uses effective and rapid techniques.

Man’s inner world is unique and we cannot destroy something that is given by God. Instead, to reveal and give energy to all the beautiful things in us is the main task of the person’s training.

Cosmoenergy is a teaching of the Way of Life where we acquire knowledge.
It’s not just attunements into the frequency and transmission of power and healing skills, but rather providing tools with which the student leaves the school and starts his own unique and mysterious way of life.  In teachings we rely on the individual matrix of an Apprentice.

The intention of the school is to prepare a 1,000 of unique specialists, teachers, healers, visionaries and creative individuals. These are happy people, freed from the pressure of the material world, who act in the spiritual and the material worlds on the basis of their own inner values. The graduates are called Progressors.

Most of the techniques that we use in training, designed to forge and strengthen the core of personality, free from fear and internal aggression, imperfections of the mind and open pure Light and Love. Only these states of being, not attunements and provide students the right to open up individual matrixes as Teachers. Not everyone who get on this path, will be able to pass it all and to achieve desired result, there is a need for work and intention to change, discover new ways and to be true to yourself.

Education is based on a free mode, the main work takes place independently, and you must visit main seminars and apply gained knowledge. Some steps may be completed remotely. Also, we remotely work online daily, providing counseling, healing work, protection and cleansing for practicing healers. You can start training as a beginner or current practitioner with any level of mastery.

Experience gained in other teachings, schools and systems of knowledge is complementary to our school and allows students to move rapidly.

We do not stretch training, do not create unnecessary steps and financial obstacles, our intention is for the energy of new knowledge to flow freely in life. In the meantime, students must recognize.

With effective application of new knowledge, regular attendance of all seminars, entire curriculum can be internalized within 1 year. It makes sense to complete mastery of the Teachers Matrix, involving all aspects of knowledge.

Very important! While studying at school, school graduates need to stay in one stream of intentions.  You can go and feel the difference in the energies with other schools, but do not lose the common idea. It is not necessary to repeat mistakes of the old schools of Cosmoenergy such as materialism, spiritual pride and individualism. All of these override real work of energies. Many schools are in a deep crisis, using Cosmoenergy only as means of personal enrichment. One would only pity people with the fate like that, as for others who don’t  know what they are doing.

Development of Progressors, Teachers of CosmoEnergy is a success of entire school. This is an awakening of another soul and is the future for hundreds and thousands of people. Cosmoenergy teaches us Collective Consciousness, responsible for what is happening in the world. As long as someone is in pain, we cannot sleep well. Students that have compassion would be successful in studying.

Our knowledge gives perfect state of happiness, love and inspiration. Trainee gains, most importantly, the meaning of everyday life and the fullness of the moment, it is the gift of teaching. But every Great Gift asks for return: by helping yourself – you are helping others, and by participating and developing the teaching – you’re helping a lot of people who do not even realize it. This personal contribution is based on the ability of a student, but only one is able to become a true Master who by their labor, their exploration and discoveries are able to move this teaching further. This is the foundation that the person builds in his own way, his discoveries, knowledge and state of mind that he will pass to others in the future.